About us

Lohakij Rung Charoen Sub Co., Ltd.

Is a leading metal packaging manufacturer in Thailand.
We hold values such as applying high-quality and latest technology to our production, inspecting and monitoring every detail of our products, and adopting customer-oriented services as key factors to our business operation.
We could therefore confidently offer top-quality products and services to our customers, both domestically and internationally.

We are determined to manufacture reliable products by giving importance to safety, complying with international standards, creating an innovative environment and open to change; in order to satisfy any customer’s request and sustaining a long-lasting industry.

Our Vision

Ensure any food or beverage product is safely packaged and holds optimal values from our packaging solutions.

Our Goal

To continuously develop our personnel, technology and products’ standard. We are committed to bringing in new innovations to meet customers’ every need and strive to provide services that surpass customer’s expectation.

Our Policy

– Attention to safety and emphasize on personnel’s well-beings.

– To improve and optimize the quality of products and services in order to achieve consumer satisfaction.

– Build long-term relationships and work closely with stakeholders.

– Committed to conducting businesses under laws and regulations.

– Includes ethical factors in our business decisions.