Our goal is to cooperate with customers to provide quality metal packaging solutions and meet customer’s expectation. In addition to that, we offer a variety of services to provide support and convenience to customers. We guarantee to work alongside you and assure you constant and reliable support, so that you could confidently focus on your main operations and compete in the global market.

Research & Development

With our commitment towards product’s development and to satisfy the change in consumer behaviour, Lohakij Rung Charoen Sub Co., Ltd recognises and digs down to the root of customer’s needs. Our motto is to not only find the right answer for you, but also look to cooperating with you to get to the required end results.

Customer service & Technical Support

Our technical support is ready to help you break down any issues at your production line e.g. seaming operation or any other related issues. Our experts are prepared to offer advice and clear any doubts to ensure that your products are safely packaged.

Calibration Service

Lohakij Rung Charoen Sub Co., Ltd offers standardized calibration services to our customers. Our calibration lab is certified according to ISO/IEC17025, in which we welcome and are willing to provide these services to our customers.

Sterilization Process Services

We offer services for Heat Penetration, Heat Distribution, and measurements for the sterilization value via inspection of cold spots (F0), to ensure your products are safe for consumption.

Metal Packaging & Seaming Training

We strongly believe that employee development is of great importance for long-term success. Customers can make a request to us to arrange a training seminar on any metal-packaging related topics. We are open to any topics you would like us to cover, and welcome both in-house training at our facility or on-site at your company.

For more information, please contact:
K.Bhadol Taesopapong
Sales & Marketing Representative
Lohakij Rung Charoen Sub Co., Ltd.